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A Digital Data Library for Wildlife Infrastructure

by Amanda Kronk, SWA Group

Wildlife infrastructure exists as a framework of migration courses and habitation patterns that are inextricably linked to critical human infrastructure. At any given time, there are countless “rivers of wildlife” migrating locally and regionally above and within the world we know. In conjunction with increasingly fragile climatic conditions, urban development is drastically disrupting this framework. Wildlife is essentially pushed to the urban periphery, as increasing habitat fragmentation results in detrimental conditions for species migration.

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Technology for Social, Sustainable and Smart Cities

by Ed Krafcik and Isabel Munson, Soofa

If cities are to reflect the culture of the present day while also inspiring the future, then by and large, cities across America are lagging. All generations, not just the millennials and Gen Z, are growing more connected. Why, then, do our cities not yet reflect the same type of digital connectivity and embrace of technology and data that our culture does?

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