Guide to Evaluate Performance

A key step in evaluating the performance of any landscape project is determining what to measure and how. Our soon-to-be-released Evaluating Performance: A Guidebook for Metrics and Methods Selection pulls together over 100 metrics in 33 benefit categories and presents assessment considerations and examples. The guidebook offers a starting point for design practitioners, agencies, park and land managers, instructors, students, andĀ others who want to evaluate the environmental, social, and economic performance of a built landscape project.

In 2013, we commissioned a study to assess the metrics and methods used in Landscape Performance Series Case Study Briefs, identify a set of widely applicable metrics and methods, and compile the findings into a comprehensive guidebook. The metrics were to be understandable and meaningful to typical land development decision-makers. The methods were to be: (1) relatively easy to use for a non-expert, (2) generally applicable to a range of project types and scales, (3) able to be accomplished in a short (<6 months) timeframe, which may involve limited site visits, and (4) defensible.

The guidebook will be published in PDF format in early-2019. Ultimately, the guide will be put into a web-based formatĀ so that users can more easily navigate, see examples, and drill down to the appropriate level of detail. We also plan to add detailed how-to guidance for the different methods and work with scientists and other experts to expand and refine the list of metrics and methods presented.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on how the guidebook can be used and strengthened, and how it contributes to the ongoing discourse on what should be measured and how. Get in touch with us at (email hidden; JavaScript is required).

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