Case Study Investigation (CSI): Apply Now for 2022

The Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Case Study Investigation (CSI) program is a unique research collaboration and training program. LAF-funded faculty-student research teams work with design firms to assess and document the environmental, social, and economic benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects. They produce Case Study Briefs for LAF’s Landscape Performance Series.

LAF is now accepting applications for the next CSI program, which runs from February 2 to August 3, 2022. Applications are due November 1.

Faculty and design firms apply to CSI in partnership to produce a case study of a specific built landscape project. Each research team is led by a faculty CSI Research Fellow and supported by a student Research Assistant. The academic team interfaces with a Firm Liaison, who provides information about the project goals, design, design and construction process, and intended performance. Faculty selected as CSI Research Fellows receive an honorarium and stipend to support a student Research Assistant. Participating Firm Liaisons can earn up to 20 LA CES course equivalency Professional Development Hours.

Additional consideration will be given to teams and projects that have the potential to produce case studies with a strong narrative, goals, and benefits related to (1) climate change and resilience, and/or (2) diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Funding/program opportunities, Post-occupancy evaluation

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