Case Study Investigation (CSI): Apply Now for 2018

The Landscape Architecture Foundation’s Case Study Investigation (CSI) program matches LAF-funded faculty-student research teams with leading practitioners to document the benefits of exemplary high-performing landscape projects. Teams develop research methods to quantify environmental, social, and economic benefits and produce Case Study Briefs for the Landscape Performance Series.


LAF welcomes applications for the 2018 CSI program, which will run February 5 - August 6.

Participating firms apply with specific projects and are selected based on the quality of the project, availability of information to document performance, and commitment to participate in the CSI process. Research Fellows are select faculty members with demonstrated interest or expertise in quantifying landscape benefits. Fellows receive funding to support a student research assistant. Research teams are matched with projects based on geographic proximity, relevant expertise, and any prior relationships.

The CSI program is highly collaborative with the goal of better integrating academia and professional practice to advance our knowledge of sustainable design and landscape performance.

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