LPS Watch List: April 2015

Each month we bring you a roundup of landscape performance news worth sharing – the latest in research, tools, and innovative thinking related to the measurable environmental, social, and economic benefits of sustainable landscapes.

In a More Volatile World, New Models Are Needed

THE DIRT | Apr 2, 2015
The recent Simulating Natures symposium focused on the significant advances in the tools we use to understand and represent the multitude of biological and physical factors that shape our environment. More

Evaluating Complete Streets Projects: A Guide for Practitioners

This new resource provides general first steps to take in evaluating projects, useful measures and metrics for common Complete Streets goals, tips for sharing successes, and further resources for those ready to divve deeper into performance measurement. More

Fitness Apps are the New Planning Tool

PLANETIZEN | Apr 3, 2015
With the abundance of smartphones and fitness apps, cities have a new instrument for data collection. The City of Portland and the San Francisco County Transportation Authority are using data from the CycleTracks and Strava fitness apps to support transportation planning. More

A Tech Touch: Connecting Beaches, Parks, and Big Data

Smart city technology is expanding to beaches and parks, creating a feedback loop that will allow local Barcelona Metropolitan Area officials to to see how citizens use open, public spaces and better manage them. More

Drone Applications in the Urban Forest

DEEPROOT | Apr 13, 2015
Thesis research examines the scope of drones for urban forestry assessment, evaluates their strengths relative to traditional inventory techniques, and explores direct applications. More

Wearable Sensors Will Measure How Much Air Pollution City Cyclists Inhale

SCIENCE OF CITIES | Apr 21, 2015
A new research project will use a system of sensors to measure, with unusual specificity, the amount of air pollution individuals might be exposed to and better understand the potential health risks of cycling in an urban environment. More

How Much Nature Should the Doctor Order?

CO.EXIST | Apr 28, 2015
Being in green spaces makes you physically and mentally healthier. But how much nature access do we need to gain positive benefits like improved mood, reduced allergies, etc? And what even counts as nature? More


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