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Keeler, Bonnie L., Spencer A. Wood, Stephen Polasky, Catherine Kling, Christopher T. Filstrup, and John A. Downing. (2015). Recreational demand for clean water: evidence from geotagged photographs by visitors to lakes. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 13(2), 76-81.


Water quality, Recreational & social value

Cohen, Deborah A., Bing Han, Jennifer Isacoff, Bianca Shulaker, Stephanie Williamson, Terry Marsh, Thomas L. McKenzie, Megan Weir, and Rajiv Bhatia. (2015). Impact of park renovations on park use and park-based physical activity. Journal of Physical Activity & Health12(2), 289-295.


Recreational & social value, Health & well-being, Safety, Play equipment, Active living, Social equity


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