Living Architecture

Curated by Steven W. Peck

Steven W. Peck, GRP, Honorary ASLA, is the founder and president of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American green roof and wall industry association. Mr. Peck is also the Co-Founder of the World Green Infrastructure Network and publisher of The Living Architecture Monitor quarterly magazine. Since 1996, he has worked to advance the green roof and wall industry by facilitating research and demonstration projects, organizing conferences and workshops, building institutional capacity, lecturing, publishing, and advocating for supportive policies and standards at all levels of government.

  1. Case Study Brief


    Advocate Lutheran General Hospital Patient Tower

    Park Ridge, Illinois

    “Views of the hospital’s intensive green roof helped reduced stress and make the hospital stay easier for half of cancer patients surveyed. This demonstrates how green roofs and other living infrastructure can help in the healing and coping process.”
  2. Case Study Brief


    Underwood Family Sonoran Landscape Laboratory

    Tucson, Arizona

    “The southern exposure features a green façade of native vines, which shade and cool the building. This type of green wall offers a fairly low-cost way to beautify, screen, and add function to what would otherwise be disregarded space.”
  3. Case Study Brief

    Gary Comer-Sustainable

    Gary Comer Youth Center

    Chicago, Illinois

    “This intensive green roof is a working garden that produces over 1000 lbs of organic food annually and functions as an outdoor classroom. The design showcases how green roofs can be integrated with other sustainable systems like light wells and passive climate control.”
  4. Case Study Brief

    Klyde Warren-After

    Klyde Warren Park

    Dallas, Texas

    “Green roof systems can be used on a wide range of scales, from a residential roof to a multi-block, at-grade structure over parking or transportation infrastructure. This 5-acre green roof acts as a bridge, tunnel, and park all in one, transforming this part of Dallas.”
  5. Benefits Toolkit


    GBRL Green Roof Energy Calculator (v 2.0)

    Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, Portland State University, and University of Toronto

    “Green Roofs for Healthy Cities (GRHC) collaborated with researchers at Portland State University and the University of Toronto to develop this free, easy-to-use tool. For GRHC members, we also developed the GreenSave Calculator, which allows users to compare the life cycle costs and benefits of up to three roofing designs.”

Green wall, Green roof

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