The Case for Street Trees

Curated by Landscape Architecture Foundation

Need to advocate for more trees along streets, better tree space design, or preservation of existing tree canopy? Here are some useful precedents, research, and tools to show the environmental, social, and economic benefits of healthy street trees.

  1. Case Study Brief

    Park US 50-After

    Park Avenue/US 50, Phase 1 Redevelopment

    South Lake Tahoe, California

    “This redevelopment had the goal of no net loss in scenic views of the nearby Lake Tahoe Basin and Carson mountain range -- a performance benefit that is easy to claim but hard to prove. The case study Methods document explains how the total visible area of the natural environment was compared pre- and post-construction, and how the improved scenic quality of the roadway was evaluated using a regional Travel Route Rating system.”
  2. Case Study Brief

    Uptown Normal Circle and Streetscape

    Normal, Illinois

    “This newly activated space serves a "town green" for Normal, Illinois, a city of under 60,000 people that was experiencing issues with traffic and a declining downtown. The new traffic circle and park with integrated stormwater infrastructure and plenty of gathering space helps to activate the downtown and provides safer pedestrian and traffic circulation. ”
  3. Case Study Brief

    The Avenue-After

    The Avenue

    Washington, District of Columbia

    “LAF is based in DC, so we know how essential shade is for outdoor dining in the summer. Researchers counted an average of 90 individuals dining outside at any given time in summer on The Avenue’s 58-ft wide landscaped sidewalk with double rows of street trees.”
  4. Benefits Toolkit


    i-Tree Streets (v 5.1)

    USDA Forest Service

    “This free application uses tree inventory data to quantify environmental and aesthetic benefits and their dollar value, including: energy conservation, air quality improvement, CO2 reduction, stormwater control, and property value increase.”

Temperature & urban heat island, Property values, Operations & maintenance savings, Economic development, Trees, Green communities

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