Small but Mighty

Curated by Landscape Architecture Foundation

It doesn’t necessarily take a lot of space to have a big impact. Here we showcase some of the smallest projects in the Landscape Performance Series along with Fast Facts on the benefits of even modest amounts of green.

  1. Case Study Brief

    Central Wharf-After

    Central Wharf Plaza

    Boston, Massachusetts

    “At just 13,100 sf, this small plaza connects Boston’s Rose Kennedy Greenway with the Inner Harbor waterfront, serving some 280 pedestrians per hour. It also lowers ground-level temperatures by 10.4°F with tree canopy cover that shades 94% of the site. Pretty cool.”
  2. Case Study Brief

    ASLA Green Roof-After

    ASLA Headquarters Green Roof

    Washington, District of Columbia

    “The unique ‘waves’ aren’t the only thing that make this green roof seem bigger than its 3,000 sf. It is the subject of ongoing research, has hosted over 5,000 visitors, and has an extensive multimedia educational component that receives 35,000 annual pageviews.”
  3. Case Study Brief


    Elmer Avenue Neighborhood Retrofit

    Los Angeles, California

    “This retrofit demonstrates that transportation infrastructure improvements can be combined with stormwater management to prevent flooding, improve walkability, and beautify the street. The street and residential properties along this one city block capture and filter runoff from a 40-acre area.”
  4. Case Study Brief


    Erie Street Plaza

    Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    “The City had lofty ambitions for this 0.25-acre former parking lot: create a significant public place that would become a key component of Milwaukee’s waterfront and new development in the Third Ward. The simple, inventive, and open-ended design does just that.”
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